Winter Garden

by Laurence Fuller & Vincent D'Onofrio

Enter the Garden
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Mint and launch your NFTs with ease using Layerr. Our platform incorporates essential features such as NFT minting, metadata creation, marketplace royalties, allowlists, and social sharing, directly on your site. With Layerr, you can concentrate on your art, and leave the user experience to us.

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Our Unique Features


Gas Efficiency

Minting tokens and deploying contracts cost less. Add new tokens, bundles, and payment options gas-free through our signature-based minting.


Decentralized Ownership

Artwork is owned and controlled by the creator, not a third party.


Artwork Stored on Chain

With Layerr, creators' art can be stored directly on the blockchain, eliminating the need for third-party storage sources like IPFS.


Secure Allowlist on Minting

With native support for Delegate Cash, Layerr prioritizes your security. Delegate rights to a hot wallet, keep your main wallet secure, and mint worry-free.


Code-Free Contract Creation

Simplifies the NFT creation process, making it easier for creators to sell without coding knowledge.


Multi-Mint and Multi-Burn

Saves time and streamlines the process of creating and managing multiple NFTs.


Data-Driven Analytics

Layerr's analytics provide sales performance, engagement, and audience demographics for artists. Boost your gallery's success with data-driven insights.


Flexible Payments and Referral Payments

Layerr offers flexible payments such as crypto and fiat and referral payments for users who help spread the word.


NFT Gallery Website

Own a custom NFT gallery website now. Integrate art collections, branding, and smart contracts seamlessly with Layerr.


EVM Chain Support

We support Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Base, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche, among others.

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About Us

Layerr - The Future for Artists

Layerr is a platform that simplifies the NFT creation and empowers you to elevate your career. Effortlessly create contracts, add tokens, and launch custom websites without coding. Focus on your art while we handle the technicalities, including image uploads and smart contract generation. With complete creative control and new monetization opportunities, we're revolutionizing the art world for creators like you.

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